How can I get involved?

Head over to the sign up page and enter your details. Come to Craft Food & Beverage Co. on Tuesday 1st MOvember between 5pm and 10pm, pay the $25 registration fee and collect your limited edition MOvember T-shirt.

To raise MOney for the cause with your MO, click on the DONATE page which gives you options for getting sponsorship online. You can also print out a sponsorship form and get your family and friends to sponsor you some MOney for taking the challenge and growing a MO for the month of MOvember.

There are various events worth attending throughout the MOnth of MOvember which will help raise awareness and generate money for the cause. Click on EVENTS for more details.

On Friday 2nd December, the final event is the MOsquerade ball, at which all the MOney raised will be collected, and MO-bros will compete for the chance to be Man of MOvember. All proceeds raised from MOvember are donated to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, which they use to create awareness and help with cancer treatment for those who can’t afford it. Money will also be going towards the new chemotherapy unit here in George Town.

We are looking forward to having you and your MO on board!



*** BREAKING NEWS – the MAGNUM P.I. category is BACK! ***

Choose which category you want to enter in, and then grow, trim, style, wax, brush or comb your moustache accordingly. GROW your MO and get ready to FLASH that TASH.

MAGNUM is back. Let’s face it – has there ever been a better mo? Simple answer, MO… I mean NO! Channel the spirit of Tom Selleck with the ‘tash to impress, a Hawaiian shirt, the hairy chest, and the Ferrari of course. The CLOSING NIGHT party theme is SOUTH PACIFIC LUAU so you’ll be all set for our fan-tash -tic tropical Finale.

Dress to impress and provide the perfect outfit to showcase your MO at its bushiest best. Be a real crowd pleaser –come as your favourite celebrity, or maybe a fighter pilot, cowboy or trucker. Wear spandex and make-up without raising a quizzical eyebrow from your nearest and dearest.

Let your MO do all the talking. Who needs to dress it up with fancy costumes and wigs? If it’s just about the MO, this is the category for you. Classic moustaches with names like Fu Manchu, 70’s porn star, the handlebar, the horseshoe, the biker, or the toothbrush always look awesome.

Having trouble getting past first base when growing your MO? Need an electron microscope to see the fruit of your upper-lip labours? Have no fear, there’s a category for you too. Come celebrate with fellow fallow follicularly challenged top-lippers in the “BARELY MO” category. In this category, LESS is definitely MORE.

Sisters are growing it for themselves. Support the guys with an imaginative fake ‘tache. Now’s your chance to show those boys who really wears the pants. Be Little Miss MO 2016.

Win the Golden Comb and the eternal admiration of your fellow MO bros as the Man of Movember 2016.

The winner in each category will compete for the famous Golden Comb and become the Cay-MAN of Movember 2016. Your amazing moustache will most likely get you that promotion you’ve been looking for. You’ll grow at least an inch taller and instantly become more attractive due to the allure of your manly MO*.

*DISCLAIMER: Outrageous claims regarding improved personal, physical or financial performance experienced as a result of your awesome and sexy moustache cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand big boy… it can’t hurt your chances either, can it?